Most of us are afraid to try new things. In fact, I think that for most of us it’s not so much that we are afraid to try new things, it’s more that we don’t have the time to try new things. Between work, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, there’s very little time in my schedule to be creative in the kitchen. I need to cook food fast, because there’s other things that need to be done. I think that the same is true for lots of other people. Key thing, regardless whether you are afraid, or just don’t have the time, is to start small.

New to cooking? Start small by taking a beginner coffee making course

Yep, at “Whisk” you can start your cooking adventure, make your first steps, by cooking something as trivial as coffee. I mean, I don’t want to offend all the hardcore coffee lovers out there, but cooking coffee for most people out there is like saying Hello when you see a friend on a street. Now if you want to more about cooking coffee, like how to make a good shot of espresso, or how to use a French coffee press, that’s where our beginner course comes in.

Even though a lot of people take making coffee as something trivial, if you want, learning how to make different types of coffee can be quite an adventure. That’s why we decided that learning about coffee and how to make a cup of it to your own taste, is a great way how to get into cooking here at “Whisk”. Get in touch now and sign up for the beginner course. We’re waiting for you.